EUR 298.00
This high-precision, high-quality product is ideal for goldsmiths, stone setters, and engravers looking for an exceptional divider!
EUR 589.00
The Satellite Vice is a new low-profile, non-rotating vice to pair with a GRS Satellite Turntable for working under the microscope. 
EUR 139.00
The Air Pen is designed for precise use of air to blow chips and dust off the workpiece. Simply connect it to the GRS machine or directly to compressed air and enjoy this helpful device.
EUR 149.00
The Triple-Edge Clamp is a specialized workholding solution for 21 mm square plates, 20 mm round plates, and pieces that fit between the inside edges, up to 53.25 mm wide. 
EUR 43.50
This kit features the updated style of vice bases for the larger line of GRS® vices. The rubber base provides more surface friction, allowing the vice to stay stabilized. The plastic base is great for when you want to tilt and move the vice more freely within the base. 
EUR 168.00
With this attachment, gain an extra hand to assist with soldering. Two points of articulation give it the flexibility to move where needed. Works with the BenchMate® system. 
EUR 26.80
#003-493; #003-494; 
These stackable aluminium stone trays are ideal for organising your precious stones so they are visible and ready for use.
EUR 29.00
The Prong Pusher is a uniquely designed tool made of a special phosphor bronze material that is strong enough to precisely set prongs, yet soft enough to avoid damage.